Gunna’s “a Gift & a Curse” First Week Sales Projections Surface


The way that the music industry has been treating Gunna over the past few months, it’s seemed as though the Georgia native would never be able to sell a record again. Despite all the critics though, he made a triumphant return this past New Music Friday (June 16) with his featureless a Gift & a Curse album. Thus far, listeners have shown the most love to “bread & butter,” which previously landed as a single, as well as “fukumean” and “back to the moon.”

Throughout his 15-song tracklist, Gunna addresses the countless snitching allegations that have racked up against him. He also makes it abundantly clear that he’s focusing on succeeding musically, the same way he was before the YSL RICO indictment last year. Despite his music causing clubs in Atlanta to come to a “complete stop” lately, the newly reported first week sales projections for a Gift & a Curse are actually quite impressive.

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Akademiks Reveals Gunna’s Projected First Week Sales

According to DJ Akademiks, Gunna is on pace to move 78K album-equivalent units. His last project, January 2022’s DS4Ever did nearly double that, with 150K units sold, ultimately beating out The Weeknd for the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts at the time by only 2.3K. It seems unlikely that a Gift & a Curse will come out on top, but it could make an appearance in the top 10 if things continue to turn in the embattled artist’s favour. Other new arrivals he’s up against include Killer Mike’s MICHAEL, Kiana Lede’s Grudges, and 6ix9ine’s surprise Reggaeton effort, Leyenda Viva.

While he waits for the final first week numbers to come in for his latest LP, Gunna has been keeping us entertained with a collection of music videos that help to tell his story. On Monday he delivered “i was just thinking,” and today he returned with “idk nomore” See that for yourself at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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