NBA YoungBoy Responds To Nicolette Gotti, Says He “Hates” Yaya Mayweather


NBA YoungBoy hopped on social media recently to respond to Nicolette Gotti’s diss aimed at him and the mother of his child. Earlier this month, a boxing match between Gotti’s brother, John Gotti III, and Floyd Mayweather turned ugly, leading her to target Mayweather’s daughter, Yaya. Yaya shares a child with NBA YoungBoy, and Gotti had some choice words for him as well.

“@floydmayweather your daughter was ran through by a animal with 12 different baby mamas,” Gotti wrote in an Instagram Story following the match. She continued, “Your little circus animal — [you’re] all a pack of zoo animals… I swear on my kids I’m coming for your daughter. It may be two years, three years from now but I’m coming c**t.” The vicious attack appeared to be racially motivated, and her threats against the 23-year-old got social media users talking. However, it seems as though NBA YoungBoy was unbothered by the claims made about the mother of his child. The pair had been known to have a contentious relationship before finally splitting in 2020. Since then, YoungBoy has accused Yaya of keeping their son away from him in his track “Carry On.”

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NBA YoungBoy Tells Nicolette Gotti He Idolizes Her Father

“I hope you do that b***h the worse way,” he says on social media, “Two three years from now. I don’t give a f**k it ain’t my business I hate that hoe.” NBA YoungBoy continues, “And when it come to her daddy, that n***a don’t need to be in my mentions, I don’t f**k with him.” He tells Gotti, “Your brother lost the fight, every dog have they day man, that’s how it go.”

Although YoungBoy is unfazed by Gotti’s apparent threats against Yaya Mayweather, he is sure to warn her not to take aim at him again. “I [idolize] your daddy,” he says, adding, “Man, next time you ever disrespect me, y’all ‘gone have to bomb me.” He finishes his message smugly, telling her to “Have a blessed day, beautiful.”

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