Amanda Bynes Still In Psychiatric Facility, Hold Extended


Amanda Bynes is still struggling with her mental health. TMZ has reported that the former child star will undergo an extended period of psychiatric care. According to sources, her loved ones are worried about her recurring cycle of mental health breakdowns. Amanda completed a mandatory 72-hour psychiatric hold that began last weekend. However, the facility has determined that she will be committed for at least another week. During this time, doctors will focus on stabilizing her through medication and therapy.

It is known that Amanda responds well to medication. However, like many individuals with mental illness, she falls into a common pattern of discontinuing her medication once she starts feeling better. This can often lead to subsequent breakdown incidents. Not much is known about the situation currently. It is unclear whether Amanda had stopped taking her medication prior to the recent incident that prompted her current psychiatric hold.

Amanda’s Conservatorship And Declining Mental Health

Amanda Bynes Psychiatric Hold Extended
Amanda Bynes is seen on August 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Amanda Bynes was famously subjected to a conservatorship due to her mental health struggles. During the conservatorship, her mother Lynn was responsible for ensuring she took her medication. Reportedly, Amanda was always compliant. Medication was never an issue during that period. However, the conservatorship ended in March 2022. Sadly, this is the second psychiatric hold in three months for Amanda. Obviously, the situation has worsened since the end of the conservatorship. Furthermore, it has been causing concern among her family and friends.

Despite their worries, there is little that Amanda’s loved ones can do at this point. In the end, it was up to a court to decide whether or not the conservatorship continued. The judge’s decision was to end the conservatorship. It would be extremely challenging, if not impossible, to initiate a new conservatorship petition. This is because it would have to be heard by the same judge who terminated the previous one. This means that there is a recurring pattern of mental health breakdowns without the ability for intervention from her parents. Clearly, this is a significant concern for those close to Amanda. What do you think about the former Nickelodeon star’s situation? Let us know in the comments below!



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