Iann Dior, The Kid LAROI & More


The world of hip-hop has never been the same since the untimely passing of Jarad Anthony Higgins, known globally as Juice Wrld. His unique blend of melodic hip-hop and emotional transparency has had a profound impact on the genre. Indeed, his influence continues to echo through the sounds of many artists today. If you’re a fan of the Chicago artist, we’ve compiled a list of several rappers whose music aligns closely with Juice Wrld’s signature style.

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Iann Dior

Like Juice, Iann Dior’s music is a blend of hip-hop, trap, and rock influences. The combination results in a sound that is just as eclectic as it is heartfelt. His emotional lyricism, often touching on themes of heartbreak and mental health, bears a striking resemblance to Juice Wrld’s own. Dior’s breakthrough hit, “emotions” exemplifies his ability to craft catchy, emotional tunes that resonate with audiences worldwide.


Australian rapper The Kid LAROI first gained recognition as a protégé of Juice Wrld. Their similar styles aren’t coincidental; LAROI has often cited Juice Wrld as a significant influence. The emotional depth and vulnerability in LAROI’s lyrics, paired with melodic beats, are reminiscent of Juice’s style. His hit “Without You” demonstrates his grasp of heartbreakingly beautiful lyricism.

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Lil Tecca, a New York-based rapper, merges catchy melodies with introspective lyrics, a combination that often draws comparisons to Juice Wrld. Although his breakout hit, “Ransom,” is more of an upbeat banger, many of his subsequent tracks, such as “Love Me,” showcase the emotional depth that aligns him with the late rapper’s musical legacy.

Rappers Like Juice Wrld: Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd’s music combines elements of rock and trap, much like Juice Wrld’s. His raw, emotional lyricism, particularly in songs like “Love Scars” and “Wish,” bears a striking similarity to Juice’s style. Redd has stated that his goal is to express his feelings in his music, a sentiment that the “Lucid Dreams” artist embodied throughout his career.

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While these rappers share similarities with Juice, it’s essential to remember that each artist has their own unique voice and style. They’ve drawn inspiration from Juice Wrld’s music and continue his legacy, but they are also forging their own paths, contributing to the evolution of the genre.

Juice Wrld’s impact on the hip-hop scene is undeniable. His melding of trap beats with raw, emotional lyricism created a new wave in the genre, inspiring many upcoming artists. The rappers mentioned above, along with many others, continue to build upon this legacy, ensuring that Juice Wrld’s influence lives on.

In conclusion, the spirit of Juice’s music lives on in these artists and many others. His unique style, blending melody with deep, raw emotion, has left an indelible mark on the world of music. Though Juice Wrld is no longer with us, his influence continues to reverberate through the sounds and voices of contemporary hip-hop artists. His legacy is far from over. It lives on in the music of these artists, a testament to the enduring power of his artistry.


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