Killer Mike Says Black People Will Be Harmed By Gun Control Laws


Iconic rapper Killer Mike is not a fan of new gun control laws in the United States. This comes despite the call from many across the nation to impose new laws that limit who can purchase guns. Mike believes that any new gun control laws in the United States will disproportionately affect black people compared to other groups. That does not mean that the MC thinks nothing should change, however. Mike suggests a few alternative approaches to address the surge in gun violence.

During an appearance on TMZ Live, Mike expressed his support for implementing curfews for minors in Atlanta as a way to reduce violence. The rapper has personal experience with this. He had a curfew while growing up in the area and believes it can be an effective measure. However, he firmly opposes the enactment of new legislation as a solution to gun-related crimes. As someone who strongly supports the Second Amendment, Mike raises concerns about the impact of stricter gun laws, particularly on black Americans. He believes that they would be the most negatively affected. Still, he believes those who own guns should be educated on them.

Mike Thinks Gun Safety Education Is The Right Move

When it comes to gun ownership, Killer Mike advocates for a different approach. He believes it is better for black families to be armed. However, he thinks they must receive better education on the safe use and storage of firearms. The United States has already witnessed an astounding 300-plus mass shootings in the current year. This could potentially lead to the deadliest year on record. That is certainly saying something in a country like the US, where mass shootings have been the norm for years.

Still, Killer Mike does not think gun control laws are the answer. Instead, Mike believes that a solution lies in increased funding for community facilities. He suggests providing more resources to places like YMCAs. He says these can serve as safe havens for children and help them stay away from trouble. Still, as more and more headlines hit the news each day, Mike’s solutions become more questionable. In a country where there have been over 300 mass shootings in the less than half a year, is community funding enough? What do you think of Mike’s solutions? Sound off in the comments below to let us know!



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