Kodak Black Receives Another Arrest Warrant


Kodak Black has unfortunately found himself in a lot of legal trouble this past year stemming from a July 2022 arrest. Said incarceration came on charges of oxycodone trafficking, controlled substance possession without prescription, and an expired driver’s license and tags. While he posted bond at $75,000, the release came under pretrial conditions of drug testing, which he previously allegedly violated back in February of this year in addition to failing a drug test. Now, the rapper received another arrest warrant and affidavit for not showing up to a pretrial meeting and for once again breaking the terms of the pretrial and release agreement.

Moreover, this news comes from Local 10 News in Broward County, who gained access of the court documents in question. According to the report, authorities signed the affidavit on June 13, detailing Kodak Black’s failure to comply with drug testing on June 9. Subsequently, they signed the arrest warrant the next day (June 14). In addition, the warrant seems to indicate that there will be no bond, though that is something that he could try to appeal. He will appear in court on Monday (June 26), as the case timeline indicates.

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Kodak Black Wanted In Broward County

Furthermore, his defense team is actually not just dealing with the Kodak Black case, but commenting on other legal troubles in rap. For example, Yak’s attorney Bradford Cohen stated via Instagram that he believes it will be hard for prosecutors to convict YNW Melly in his double murder case. “Day 2 is coming up on the YNW Melly case,” he wrote. “The first few days of trial are not that interesting in regards to a story or the real meat of the case… This case is going to be very technical with phones and date etc. But again, they can’t say someone else didn’t get in the car or someone else did the shooting. I think the case has built in reasonable doubt, and I saw a lot of the discovery while I was on the case. Like I said, this will be a tough case for the prosecution.”

All this being said, the 26-year-old continues to make efforts to uplift his community despite his woes. Recently, he attended a teen leadership conference in Florida, treating fans to a performance. While his struggles in court are worrisome, his charitable efforts will likely leave a much more lasting legacy. For more news and the latest updates on Kodak Black, check back in with HNHH.

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