ODB’s Daughter Gets Emotional Following Tattoo Tribute


Taniqua Jones, the daughter of late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, recently shared a clip on social media revealing her new tattoo. The tattoo pays tribute to her father, who passed away from an accidental drug overdose in 2004. In the clip, Jones is seen at a tattoo parlor, admiring the piece in the mirror.

Jones’ sister, Shaquita, and her mother Icelene joined her for the excursion. She got the tattoo done at Cypress Tattoos in Oregon. She calls the tattoo of her father’s face “so nice,” before beginning to cry. “Sorry…Thank you so much,” she tells the artist.

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Taniqua Jones Honors ODB

Earlier this month, Steve-O reflected on his own, questionable tribute to ODB. He revealed that he had planned to do a far-out, naked onstage stunt at Wu-Tang Clan’s 2006 Rock The Bells performance in honor of the late artist. Steve-O recalls thinking, “Dirty would love that!” Unfortunately, Raekwon stopped the comedian in his tracks. He explained that “[ODB] was the king of not giving a f*ck, way before Kanye did it.” He reminisces about the late rapper “on stage with his pants down, d*ck out, smoking a huge blunt of PCP.” Steve-O recalls thinking, “‘That is my hero.’”

“All of a sudden, Raekwon stops the show completely,” he revealed. “He grabs me by my neck and drags me to the front of the stage.” In a clip of the incident, Raekwon says, “I didn’t appreciate that, and I’ma tell you right now in front of all these people, you gonna apologize or I’ma knock you out in front of all these people. ‘I’m not playing, straight up, that was disrespectful. I’m ready to f*ck you up, so you better apologize right now. And I’m going to jail, straight up.’” “I’ve never considered myself a tough guy, but even I was surprised by what a b*tch I was in that moment,” Steve-O admitted. “After that, I was allowed to go. And security told us that I really should go because I was definitely not safe.”

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