Tay-K Shares Snippet Of New Music With Fans


Tay-K has treated his fans to a clip of some new music earlier today. An ad released for new Rugr@ merch is soundtracked by some new Tay-K music. The rapper has been behind bars since 2019 when he was convicted in a murder trial. But thankfully for his fans he’s found a way to keep writing and recording new material. The rapper recently promised new music to his fans when he got to send them a message through a recently created Discord server.

Back in March, Tay-K sent his fans a letter through his Instagram account. In the letter he dove into his feelings on the various things that have happened to him in the past few years. He also hoped that his story had inspired other to live better lives. The letter referenced the ongoing #FreeTayK movement which has been pushing for his release for years. In a tweet following the letter’s release Tay-K thanked fans for their continued support and attempts to get him released. He also declared that much of the misinformation surrounding him would eventually be cleared up.

Tay-K’s New Music Soundtracking Ad

Tay-K’s hit song “The Race” has been certified platinum and hit the Top 50 of the Hot 100 since it was released. But the rapper’s legal issues go back to before the song achieved so much success. The day it was released he was already on the run from U.S. Marshals. He was ultimately found guilty in a murder trial that landed him a 55-year sentence behind bars.

Even if Tay-K were to get his current sentence re-evaluated, he’s still facing ongoing legal matters. He was indicted for a second murder charge back in 2019 of 23-year old Mark Anthony Saldivar. He’s currently still awaiting a trial for that charge which could significantly complicate his legal matters. Despite this, many fans have been vocal online pushing for his status to be re-evaluated. some claim that he had inadequate legal council while others say he was set up by those in his circle. What do you think of Tay-K’s new song snippet? Let us know in the comment section below.

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