Undercover Detective Testifies At YNW Melly’s Trial Wearing A Ski Mask


A detective opted to shield his identity today while testifying in YNW Melly’s double murder trial. The detective and gang expert, Danny Polo, claims that he’s undercover, and has been receiving death threats as of late. He was allowed by Circuit Judge John Murphy, who cited his “safety and security,” to wear a black ski mask to hide his face. Melly’s defense attorney, David Howard, objected to the use of the ski mask. Assistant State Attorney Kristine Bradley asked Polo gang-related questions.

Melly’s attorneys have continued to claim that evidence being presented is improper, calling it “prejudicial.” Howard additionally claims that cell phone evidence being used cannot be properly authenticated. “That phone was being used while Mr. Demons was in custody,” he says, “We know it is being used by several other people.” Melly could be facing the death penalty if he is found guilty of the murders of Christopher “Juvy” Thomas Jr., and Anthony “Sakchaser” Williams. The 19-year-old and 21-year-old men were killed in Broward County on October 26, 2018. Melly’s looking at two counts of premeditated murder.

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Melly’s Trial Continues

“This is not his stage personality. This is not an actor that is playing a character. This was his real life,” Bradley claimed in her opening statement, alleging gang activity. She continued, “Any time a word would normally be spelled with a ‘C’ as in Charlie, they don’t use that. They replace it with the letter ‘B,’ so instead of saying, ‘I am at the crib,” they say, ‘I am at the brib.’ Why ladies and gentlemen? Because ‘C’ is associated with Crips, ‘B’ is for Bloods.”

The jury was also shown surveillance footage of Melly and Cortlen “Bortlen” Henry getting into a car with the victims the night of the murders. Footage of Bortlen arriving to the hospital with the victims was also shown to jurors. The judge later claimed that one juror said Polos’ ski mask was giving them “anxiety.” He said that he received a note from them, reading “When I was a child I had seen someone get robbed.”

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