YNW Melly Trial: Sick Juror Replaced By Alternate


Everyone in the fields of hip-hop culture and crime is keeping a close eye on the YNW Melly double murder trial. Moreover, small developments in the case could end up having big consequences, as the most recent events display in a seemingly small but crucial way. Furthermore, journalist Bryson “Boom” Paul reported that the court replaced a sick juror with an alternate individual on Thursday (June 22). As such, this could potentially impact the trial depending on whether or not the new juror will interpret the case in the same way that the original one would. Regardless, at least it was a potentially speed bump in the proceedings that the court was able to sidestep swiftly.

In addition, changes like these could also have big implications considering a recent decision on the integrity of the case. On Tuesday (June 20), Judge Murphy III denied YNW Melly’s defense team’s motion for a mistrial, and the case continued as planned. For those unaware, the rapper’s attorneys believed evidence presented by the state to be prejudicial and therefore improper. In other words, this evidence did not further the facts of the case, in the defense’s eyes, but rather placed a bias on their client that could unrightfully impact the verdict.

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Ill Juror Gets Replacement In YNW Melly Case: Report

Still, there seems to be a lot to still go through in this trial, especially with the contention present regarding the mistrial. Since that decision, a few other updates from the courtroom proved interesting to the public- with one in particular being favorable for YNW Melly. During Wednesday’s proceedings (June 21), the court maintained that prosecutors committed a discovery violation. Apparently, as a result of not disclosing an additional forensics report, the court will now bar certain information from being brought forth as evidence.

Of course, it’s unclear whether said evidence would have acted in the Florida native’s favor at the end of the day. That being said, it being a part of the case built by the prosecution likely couldn’t have spelled out good news for him. With that in mind, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news, updates, and viral moments from the YNW Melly trial.

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