Äyanna: R&B Songbird & Star In The Making


Emerging from the bustling streets of East London, 23-year-old Äyanna steps onto the music scene with a radiant smile, an enchanting voice, and dreams of becoming the next powerhouse vocalist in the R&B scene. Her life unfolds with the vibrancy and daring spirit echoed in the music she writes and performs.

The Making Of A Songstress: Roots & Early Life

Äyanna was immersed in a culturally rich neighborhood and nourished by her English and Jamaican parents’ musical leanings. She drew her inspiration from diverse genres often including Reggae, R&B, and Soul. Fond memories of flipping through her father’s CD collection and helping select tunes for their car rides paint a nostalgic picture of her early exposure to music.

However, her mother first detected Äyanna’s exceptional vocal control. Returning home from school one day, Äyanna rendered a refined rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” The performance left her mother pleasantly surprised. Soon after, the singer’s mom assumed the role of her first vocal coach. This direction guided Äyanna to perfect renditions of the Gospel song “Joyful Joyful” and Etta James’ iconic “At Last.”

Defying Norms: Pursuit Of The Musical Dream

Music wasn’t Äyanna’s first life goal. She embarked on a conventional path studying law and Spanish at the University of Bristol. However, Äyanna found herself yearning for a more creative life. Rejecting her father’s vision of a traditional career, she abandoned her studies to secretly chase her musical dreams.

Her pursuit led her to discover her knack for songwriting. Her 2019 single “Party Tricks” was one of her initial songwriting efforts. Yet, the haunting melody and poignant reflection on heartbreak suggested the prowess of an experienced songwriter. The song not only marked her entry on BBC’s Music Introducing but also caught the attention of music industry heavyweights at Love Renaissance (LVRN). “It’s the sole reason that I’m where I am right now,” she asserts.

Ascending New Heights: Äyanna’s Recent Ventures

Armed with notable songwriting credits, Äyanna now aims to introduce herself to a broader audience as a singer and performer. Collaborating with SPINALL and DJ Snake, she showcased her songwriting and singing aptitude on “Power (Remember Who You Are),” crafted for the Flipper’s Skate Heist short film. This infectious dance track ingeniously samples portions from Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” and also features R&B sensation Summer Walker.

In 2023, Äyanna made a significant leap, signing with LVRN, home to acclaimed artists such as 6LACK, Summer Walker, DVSN, Davido, Spinall, Baby Tate, and others. She recently unveiled her debut track with the label, “Girlfriend,” combining elements of Pop, R&B, Soul, and more. Surely, Äyanna is on a path to establish herself firmly as next in line.


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