Cardi B Superfan Allegedly Started Petition To Kick Nicki Minaj Out Of Hidden Hills


According to reports, a Cardi B superfan was the one to start a recent petition to get Nicki Minaj out of Hidden Hills. The petition was reported at the time to have been created by Minaj’s neighbors. It emphasized her husband, Kenneth Petty’s, status as a sex offender. “Petty is a level 3 sex offender, convicted for the attempted rape of a 16 year old girl, and has a high likelihood to reoffend,” it states. It goes on to claim that Petty was found guilty of murder. The petition also notes that him living there could lower the property value of neighborhood homes due to “safety concerns.”

“It would lead to children and women being a target,” the petition claims. The Hidden Hills Community Association reportedly had no idea about the petition. Records also reveal that the woman who started it doesn’t even live in the neighborhood. Beverly Bardan, who was said to have created the petition, appears to actually be a Cardi Stan Twitter account. The account confessed to starting the petition at the end of last year.

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Cardi B Fan Targets Nicki’s Husband

“No, I didn’t celebrate Christmas Instead,” the account wrote, “I printed these flyers warning the residents of Hidden Hills that s*x offender Kenneth Petty will be moving in.” The account included photos of flyers labeling Petty as “a dangerous predator and killer.” “I DO plan on mailing them out,” they added, “It has a QR code for a petition to keep Nicki Minaj AWAY from her CO-OWNED Hidden Hills house!”

The account also wrote, “We, as Nicki antis, can turn the residents of Hidden Hills AGAINST Nicki and her pedo husband moving in, hurting her assets in the process!” The Cardi superfan has posted several troubling Tweets highlighting her mission to “end” Nicki Minaj “from the inside out.” Cardi B has not yet responded to the claims. Nicki, on the other hand, just shared a gif that could potentially reference the situation. She accompanied it with the caption “AhhhhhHaaaaaaaa!!!!!!”

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