Gunna’s “a Gift & a Curse” Sells 83k In Its First Week


Gunna has been in the news a lot recently for reasons that don’t have that much to do with his music. Consequently it can be easy to forget that Gunna just dropped his first new album in over a year last week. The album sports 15 tracks and no features and generated 83k sales in its first week. Almost all of those sales came from streaming and it puts Gunna with artists like Lil Durk and Karol G for the best-selling rap albums of the year so far. The 83k is a somewhat significant bump from the 78k the album was originally projected to do a few days ago.

Some fans have pointed out that this is the lowest first week’s sales for a major Gunna release yet. Previously, his lowest debut, 2019’s Drip Or Drown 2 sold 90k. Although that seems condemning at first many fans were quick to point out logical explanations for the slip. The clearest purpose for the dip in sales is likely the album’s lack of promotion. Gunna has largely been absent from any social media for over a year, which is the primary channel for most artists to promote their music. The record was also released very shortly after its announcement and lead single. Those tighter release schedules and lower promotions have caused lower sales for many artists in the past.

Gunna’s First Week Numbers Are In

For the past few months, Gunna has faced allegations of snitching from all sides. Two former collaborators of his, Lil Durk and Lil Baby both reportedly called out his actions. That resulted in him appearing to unfollow both on Instagram this morning. Alternatively, Gunna might be dealing with shade from someone even closer to him.

Young Thug’s brand new album Business Is Business features lyrics calling out snitches. Subsequently many have interpreted it as a shot at Gunna. Other fans online argue that the song was recorded long before his plea deal. What do you think of Gunna’s first-week sales numbers? Tell us in the comment section below.

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