King Von Resorts To “Robberies” On New Posthumous Single


While people continue to speak on the legal issues that King Von was wrapped up in before his tragic passing, his musical legacy speaks louder than any headline could. With more new music presumably on the way, we have a new posthumous single from the Chicago MC with “Robberies.” Moreover, the track once again proves how talented and vivid of a storyteller he is in his tracks about street life and hardships. Of course, the beat here doesn’t slouch, and turns the narrative into a banging and engaging song that locks listeners in to his bars. Overall, this is an exciting look at the future of his musical output, which hopefully is treated with respect, consideration, and his family’s wishes in mind.

To start with the instrumental (courtesy of ATL Jacob), menacing and high-pitched strings form an intoxicating triplet pattern to lead the melody on “Robberies.” By the time the drums kick in, the track already entranced you, and King Von’s voice rings through in the production in a way that makes the drums hit even harder. Sure, it’s not the most progressive or evolutionary instrumental, but extra bells and whistles could’ve easily dampened the narrative at hand. As such, it’s exactly the kind of beat that the What It Means To Be King rhymer floats on with ease, and that compliments the rough yet delicate nature of his bars.

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King Von’s “Robberies”: Stream

Lyrically, he focuses on having to resort to robbery to make a buck for himself amid an eviction notice. With that in mind, he represents the struggle behind his criminal activity in a way that paints it as a means to an end and not a particularly enjoyable or desired experience. Also, King Von’s verse goes from robbing somebody to that person eventually running up on him, making for a clean and satisfying circular narrative despite its dark content. Still, let us know how you felt about “Robberies” in the comments or find it on your preferred streaming service if you haven’t checked it out already. In addition, peep some standout bars below and return to HNHH for the latest great releases in hip-hop.

Quotable Lyrics
I gotta go, don’t be wastin’ my time in here (Uh-uh)
I grab the bag out the back, it was full of the pack of that finest ex*tic, man
Then I let him go and got back on the road (Uh-huh)
Heard him whisper, “Boy, I’m gonna find your a**” (Man, what?)

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