Moriah Mills Gets “Zion” Tattooed On Her Face Amid Sex Tape Threats


Moriah Mills recently shared a clip in which she appears to be getting a new face tattoo. The tattoo says “Zion,” a reference to New Orleans Pelicans player and alleged ex of Mills, Zion Williamson. Mills has kept up consistent chatter about Williamson lately, even going so far as to threaten him with sex tapes. Her Twitter account has recently been suspended amid the ordeal.

Mills accused Williamson of cheating on her shortly after he announced that he was having a child with another woman. She continued to unleash on the NBA player, accusing him of being a sex addict, a liar, a cheater, and much more. The situation even recently sparked a petition to “Stop Moriah Mills Because It’s Been DAYS.” The OnlyFans creator previously Tweeted claiming that Williamson “betrayed” her. She later described herself as “Heartbroken,” wondering “when the pain will end.” “[You’re] my everything,” she told Williamson. It doesn’t seem like she’ll be getting over Williamson anytime soon, judging by her new ink.

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Moriah Claimed The Sex Tapes Are “Dropping Soon”

The clip of Mills getting tattooed has social media users going wild in the comments section. Many are claiming the former pornstar may be struggling with mental illness, while others think she’s simply looking for clout. Some commenters also think that the tattoo may be fake, and just an attempt by Mills to get some attention.

Earlier this week, Mills claimed that things between her and Williamson are “good” amid the ongoing drama. She wrote in the live chat of The Stephen A. Smith Show on YouTube, telling users not to “believe the narratives.” Despite her claims, the general consensus is that things are, in fact, not good. Many believe that she took things way too far when she threatened to release Williamson’s sex tapes. Just days ago, she also advised the Pelicans to “trade [Williamson] now,” claiming that he “doesn’t deserve to be in New Orleans.” She also recently told the player she’ll be taking him to court for “all the damages [he has] caused [her] life.”

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