Photos Surface In Nicki Minaj Damaged Jewelry Lawsuit


Nicki Minaj is currently facing a lawsuit from a jewelry store. They have accused her of causing damage to the items they had loaned to her. Recently, photos of the jewelry pieces in question have emerged. The pictures are considered evidence, and they are being presented in court as such. Apparently, one of the photographs shows a diamond ring with two missing pieces. A written contract backs the agreement of Nicki Minaj and the store. It includes the signature of her stylist, Brett Alan Nelson. The invoice shows that the transaction was final. As such, there was no option for refunds or exchanges.

The jewelry store, Roseark, claims that Minaj and her team failed to return 66 items within the agreed timeframe. The items were allegedly defective when they were eventually returned. Roseark sent Minaj a bill for $26,239.50 plus interest. Reportedly, Nicki has not paid the bill. Minaj’s attorney, Jordan Siev, has responded to the situation. According to Siev, no one has presented evidence indicating that Minaj caused damage to the jewelry. Furthermore, he believes that the lawsuit is merely an attempt by the jeweler to gain publicity and obtain an undeserved payment. Additionally, Siev has vowed to vigorously defend Minaj against the lawsuit.

Nicki Minaj And Ice Spice Release “Barbie World”

Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice really are a match made in heaven. In the song “Barbie World,” Ice’s producer RiotUSA creatively samples Aqua’s “Barbie Girl.” However, he updates it and infuses it with a modern Brooklyn drill sound. This update gives the track a fresh and contemporary feel. Furthermore, both Minaj and Ice showcase their impressive rap skills. They both deliver intense verses that complement each other’s passionate energy. It’s definitely a repeat of the energy they had on “Princess Diana.”

“I’m bad like the Barbie / I’m a doll but I still wanna party,” the pair rap on the chorus. “Pink ‘Vette like I’m ready to bend / I’m a ten, so I pull in a Ken.” With this being the second collaboration between Nicki and Ice, it’s clear the former has taken the latter under her wing. That means we can likely expect very big things from Ice Spice in the near future. What do you think of the pair’s second collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!



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