Rising Artist TiaCorine’s Journey To Rap Stardom


TiaCorine has been working hard to be recognized in the past few years. In fact, the North Carolina native has been actively involved in music since her childhood. After a viral hit in 2020, things finally began to fall into place for her. However, more buzz surrounds her today, as her skills and style have opened new doors for her. 

Following the release of the highly anticipated XXL Freshman Class of 2023, TiaCorine’s name is about to be on many more lips. Her braggadocious rap style is very reminiscent of the iconic femcees that came before her, and her eclectic style is always worth a double-take. The Hip Hop star is finally achieving the recognition she’s fought hard to attain. She’s since performed at Coachella, worked with big names, and has been the subject of an alleged Drake co-sign. 

Early Days & Rise To Fame

TiaCorine hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She grew up in a musically blended home as the daughter of a Shoshone Indian mother and an Afro-Japanese father. TiaCorine credits her mother’s constant playing of music at home for shaping her love for music. Her mother also took her to symphonies and orchestras when she was young, which in turn led to the rapper participating in numerous talent shows. 

In 2018, she released the song “Lotto” to SoundCloud, and it would eventually gain fame on TikTok much, much later. Soon, she began to slowly but steadily gain a loyal fanbase as her music spread across the country. Many notable artists have since shown love to both TiaCorine and “Lotto,” including A$AP Rocky, Rico Nasty, and SZA. 

TiaCorine’s primary influence is Nicki Minaj, while she also loves Trina and Lil Kim’s music styles. Unsurprisingly, Minaj’s bright yet cutthroat style of rapping is also evident in TiaCorine’s works, and she is just as capable of freestyling, as she is writing killer bars. By late 2020, she released her debut EP, 34Corine, and began promoting her music on tour. 

Buzzing Career

TiaCorine has previously stated that she’s become somewhat of a hero in her hometown of Winston-Salem. On representing her home, she said, “A lot of people in our city look at me as the city hero, because no one has made it out of Winston and gotten this far.” She continued by alluding to herself as the savior of her city. “It’s like I’m carrying my city on my back right now. And everybody here believes in me. And they’re like, ‘You’re going to get people to pay attention to Winston-Salem.’ I’m like the city’s savior.”

One look at TiaCorine shows that her fashion choices are a significant indication of her personal style. The rapper opts for bright colors and distinctive streetwear that showcase her outward rap persona. She is also a massive fan of anime, which is highlighted in some of the ways she chooses to rap, as well as her unique fashion choices and statements. 

TiaCorine is determined to keep having fun online and making her friends, family, and hometown proud. She and her daughter continue to reside in Winston-Salem today, as she insists North Carolina is what keeps her going and aligns her. The energetic star has also kept many of her close friends as a part of her team. 

The Future Of TiaCorine

TiaCorine achieved another major hit with the release of the single “FreakyT.” The remix was shared in April 2023 and featured Latto, whom she later performed with at Coachella. The rapper maintains an aura of confidence in herself and her work, and that’s undoubtedly one of the primary reasons she is set to go far. It’s no surprise that she’s joined the coveted XXL Freshman set. 

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