Shaquille O’Neal Buys Giant Koi, Gives It A Hilarious Name


Shaquille O’Neal is always up to something. He joined the board of directors for Papa John’s back in 2019. Recently he dropped a freestyle rap that sampled Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”. However, one of Shaq’s biggest recent projects has involved renovations at his property in Georgia.

Enlisting the help of YouTuber Ed the Pond Professor, the NBA legend has been redeveloping a large area of his property to incorporate a water feature and pond system. According to Ed, who has 116,000 subscribers, the project involved moving 1 million pounds of rocks to create Shaq’s desired design.

To complete the pond, Shaq had a 35lb Yamabuki Koi shipped in from Japan. The fish was delivered by another YouTube channel, Fritz’s Fish Pond. While they only have a little over 5,000 followers, Fritz’s specializes in koi breeding and global distribution. To cap it all off, Shaq gave the fish a hilarious name.

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Shaq Names His New Koi “Charles Barkley”

The delivery of the massive koi was posted to Fritz’s Fish Ponds’ Instagram page. Evidently impressed by the fish, Shaq commented “I’m naming this fish Charles Barkley,” eliciting laughs from the gathered crowd.

Shaq co-hosts Inside the NBA alongside Barkley. While the two often butt heads while discussing the sport they once dominated, the pair reportedly have a good off-screen friendship. Barkley, who has widely praised the light shenanigans of the show, will likely see the humor in the naming.

However, Shaq’s renovations are not yet complete. Ed and the rest of the team have shown the project in progress. Still, we’re looking forward to seeing the full scope of the property once it’s complete. Maybe Shaq can build his ultimate All-NBA team with more Koi named after his basketball friends and colleagues.

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Shaq Heads To Home Depot

In more Shaq antics, the former NBA big man recently made his way to Home Depot. This came after a young woman employed by the hardware giant shunned OnlyFans in favor of her mundane 9-5. This video went viral on social media. This led to her being “milkshake ducked” after her derogatory about sex workers then surfaced.

Shaq got involved when he DM’d “Home Depot Girl” to tell her not to get too worked up about the fickle fortunes of social media. Desperate to right her viral ship, the woman then leaked Shaq’s DMs.

This led to a viral video of Shaq heading to Home Depot and donning the iconic orange apron. The video followed Shaq as he ambled around the store and mingled with real employees. As always, we hope that Shaq remains forever weird.

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