Victor Wembanyama Could Debut As Early As July 7


Now that Victor Wembanyama has officially been drafted into the NBA, the thing that everyone wants to know is when he will debut. The San Antonio Spurs took the French prospect first overall in the NBA Draft, confirming what everyone had expected every since he had officially entered his name. Wembanyama is the most anticipated prospect since LeBron. Furthermore, his unique skillset led LeBron to call him an “alien”.

Unlike other rookies, Wembanyama has multiple years of pro experience under his belt entering his NBA debut. Wembanyama debuted in the French league in 2019 and was named league MVP in 2023 during a surprise Finals run. However, 2023 also marked the draft year in which Wembanyama met the NBA’s draft eligibility, meaning he was finally able to make the jump to America.

Furthermore, fans won’t have to wait long to see potentially see Wembanyama in action. The rookie’s stateside debut could come as soon July 7. However, it all depends if the Spurs allow him to play in the NBA Summer League.

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Wembanyama Could Make Summer League Debut

The NBA Summer League is a preseason tournament that allows NBA teams to test out their new rookies as well as fringe training camp players. Furthermore, it helps give younger players experience in a real-life game setting.

This year’s Summer League begins on July 7. The first day of games opens with the Grizzlies taking on the Timberwolves. Furthermore, the first day of play is headlined by a clash between the Warriors and Lakers. However, the sixth game of the day pits Charlotte against San Antonio. If the Spurs allow it, this could be Victor Wembanyama’s debut.

Wembanyama has previously expressed his intention to play in the Summer League. A workhouse player through and through, Wembanyama is never one to turn down an opportunity to play. However, expectations should be tempered – the Spurs will likely have him on a lighter workload to avoid injury. Despite this, July 7 might be the date to circle for die-hard fans.

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Windhorst Picks Wembanyama Over LeBron

The hype for Wembanyama is massive and has led to a number of scalding hot takes. Brian Windhorst of ESPN went as far as to say that Wembanyama’s skill set is ahead of LeBron James at the same age.

It’s fair to say that the comparisons between Wembanyama and LeBron have been rife. As mentioned, LeBron has called Wembanyama’s unique skillset “alien” but where does he rank against the NBA legend? Wembanyama has never played in the American system of basketball, be it the NBA, G League, or another development league. While he’s been playing professionally since 2019, it’s on a much more relaxed schedule against “inferior” competition to what he will face in the NBA.

However, LeBron was just a high school player when he moved to the NBA. In the early 2000s, when teams could draft players right out of high school, it was always a risk. For every LeBron, there was a Kwame Brown. LeBron could have easily been a flop. And so could Wembanyama. However, there is every chance that Wembanyama could become the league’s next great player. The only way we will find out is by him taking the court.

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