Wack 100 Calls Gunna A “Bozo,” Responds To Diss


Wack 100 recently appeared on the No Jumper podcast, where he discussed Gunna’s apparent diss. Allegedly, Gunna calls Wack 100 out on his song “i was just thinking,” which is part of the new album he released earlier this month, a Gift & a Curse. On the song, Gunna appears to reference him with the lyrics, “You wack n***as can’t get with this, I’m one hundred for sure.” “What he should have said,” he explains, is “Wack 100 never be a Gunna.” He then described his new line as “bars.” When the host asked him how he felt about Gunna calling him out in the song, he responded, “Good looking out, Gunna. Bozo.”

“You took the motherf*cking bait,” he explains, “you took the cake.” He then went on to call Gunna a “bozo” several more times. “Learn how to sit down and shut the f*ck up,” he tells Gunna, “and not do what we want you to do.” “That’s why your a*s is a little bitty a*s boy,” he says, “thanks for the clout.” Wack 100 continued, describing clout as “the new cocaine.”

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Wack 100 Thanks Gunna For The Clout

Wack 100 had previously shared his thoughts on allegations that Gunna “snitched” on Young Thug amid the YSL RICO trial. He discussed thinking Gunna is guilty of “snitching” following the release of a Gift & a Curse. “He told,” he said during a Clubhouse discussion. “Listen… you’re not pleading guilty to a RICO, and they’re freeing you. He did something.” 

Gucci Mane also recently dissed him on his new song with Lil Baby, “Bluffin.” In the song, he raps “I ain’t arguin’ on no internet, I’m not Wack100.” He later took to social media to respond. “You dissed me huh,” he wrote, “I heard dat sh*t.” He added, “Diss track response coming in 2 days ‘KNOCK OFF GUCCI’ IM REALY THE MANE! Sit down nay sayers we’re family Go stream dat sh*t NOW.”

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