YNW Melly Asked His Mom To Buy Him A Legal Gun, Prosecution Claims In Ongoing Trial


YNW Melly’s double murder trial has been playing out for the better part of June, and so far, we’ve seen plenty of interesting twists and turns in the case. The accused killer has been making plenty of headlines with his antics, from appearing to pray before jurors entered the courtroom to being criticized for smiling from ear to ear and letting his personality shine through during some of the proceedings. In the beginning, many lawyers chiming in on the case shared the opinion that Melly could potentially beat his charges due to the prosecution’s near-impossible job proving him guilty.

However, new evidence has seemingly turned things around, as alleged text messages between the Florida native and his mother, Jamie King, have been presented as evidence against him. In the video below, the prosecution presents screenshots of messages sent by Melly both ahead of and following the homicides, using his consistent speech pattern to prove their validity. “Listen I [don’t] care about any of this but you [and] I have not posted anything about Sak,” King wrote to her son about one his alleged victims prior to his death. “He jumping what his sister started, making posts about me.”

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Prosecution Presents Troubling Evidence Against YNW Melly


More screenshots shown later in the video find Melly asking his mother to “Get [him] a Glock ASAP,” as well as sending her his location around the time the crimes took place in 2018. “Like go now,” YNW urged her. “Ok, what’s wrong? I got your .45,” she wrote back. “I just don’t want no illegal gun. Well dats not illegal,” the recording artist responded.

“But I rather have a Glock 40 or 19,” other alleged messages from Melly read. Shortly after the seven-minute mark, Melly’s defense attorneys attempt to object, however, the judge allowed the prosecution to continue. Now that these receipts have entered the chat, social media commentators are starting to think things might not go in his favour.

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Criminal Lawyer Explains Melly’s Situation

Check out criminal lawyer Bruce Rivers’ full explanation of the latest updates from YNW Melly’s double murder trial below. Do you think this new evidence will solidify the 23-year-old’s fate? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.



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