Young Thug Versus Gunna: Which Album Is Better? Twitter Debates


Over the past week, we saw two incredibly hyped albums come out amid a lot of drama and speculation. a Gift & a Curse by Gunna came out on June 16, and just a week later, Young Thug dropped BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. Considering both artists’ history together, their incarceration for the YSL RICO case, and Wunna’s subsequent plea deal, these two release being so close to one another come with a lot of baggage. Of course, many enjoy both to great extent, but social media sites like Twitter have been warring over which one is the superior body of work.

For starters, many lamented the fact that neither MC appeared on the other’s album, which many thought would confirm that they’re still on good terms. Regardless, when you search “Young Thug Gunna” on Twitter, most tweets side with a Gift & a Curse. “Sorry but this new Young Thug album doesn’t even compete to Gunna’s album,” one user wrote. Another made note of the College Park MC’s important contributions to other career highlights. “Young Thug & Lil Baby’s biggest songs both feature Gunna…” they tweeted.

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Twitter Debates Gunna & Young Thug’s Albums

On the other hand, many people started praising Gunna’s album just minutes after BUSINESS IS BUSINESS came out, not even enough time to listen to the whole thing. In addition, others took the opportunity to explain why it’s hard to compare them, especially within mere hours of Thugger dropping. “Well gunna did have a year to prepare, got out and recorded all new material,” one user pointed out. “These thug songs are obvious throwaways and loose songs from “punk”. Is it illegal to just enjoy them both damn.”

Finally, many who believe Thug’s album is better have the obvious argument of him influencing Gunna greatly. “Young Thug made Gunna. Don’t forget that,” one person tweeted. Regardless of their speculated falling-out, the albums are stylistically distinct enough to make it more of a question of personal preference. One has more expressive vocals, the other has more laidback instrumentals, but only one can be better than the other. Check out some takes below, let us know yours in the comments, and return to HNHH for more on Gunna and Young Thug.

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