Juice WRLD’s Ex Ally Lotti Allegedly Selling Memorabilia For $30K Online


The tragic passing of Juice WRLD continues to affect fans to this day, but they also continue celebrating his legacy with fondness. However, one large point of contention has been how much others should profit off of his name. The most recent piece of that puzzle concerns memorabilia like clothing items and accessories that he owned. At the very least, those closest to him seem to be making sure that these items are respected and authentic for fans that wish to buy them and support his loved ones. Moreover, the Chicago star’s ex-girlfriend, Ally Lotti, is reportedly selling various pieces for $30K, a price that’s apparently the total value of what she offered according to alleged DMs.

“Well I’m not truing to sell so I don’t have a price in mind,” Lotti wrote concerning Juice WRLD’s pieces according to supposed leaked screenshots of Instagram messages. “I got you on like a package deal or something but like it said this stuff is pretty priceless to me and is only going to be worth more money in the future. I would like to be walking away with like 30k honestly you know. So what’s your budget? We can figure out what we can do.”

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Juice WRLD’s Ex Allegedly Selling Some Of His Items

In addition, fan pages put items up for sale for $40K individually after they allegedly verified their authenticity with the late legend’s ex. “I am selling the coveted Transparent Prism Louis Vuitton backpack that was once owned by the late and beloved Juice WRLD,” a fan page posted, later clarifying that they sought $40K for it. “This unique piece is not only a symbol of style but also a valuable collector’s item with a fascinating backstory. To ensure transparency and authenticity, I have acquired this backpack with the assistance of Ally Lotti, Juice WRLD’s ex-girlfriend, who was kind enough to provide proof and direct messages regarding its ownership.”

Furthermore, they asked for serious offers only, offered to share said DMs and negotiate price, and stressed the value of buyer satisfaction. Also, other pictures surfaced of alleged DMs of Lotti showing off other pieces like a shirt and eyewear. While many in the comments of coverage of this alleged sale expressed disappointment, those involved’s intentions can’t be assumed. Meanwhile, amid posthumous new music releases and incredible commercial success, his legacy keeps engaging fans. For more news and the latest updates on Juice WRLD, log back into HNHH.

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