Pharrell & Louis Vuitton Accused By Fashion Designer Of Stealing Her Idea


Pharrell is having a ball as Louis Vuitton’s head designer, though it hasn’t come without some scrutiny as of late. Moreover, an independent fashion designer Kellie Ford recently claimed that the Neptunes creative and LV stole her idea for a bag as part of their new collection. In a series of TikToks, she details how she went viral in 2021 for turning a shopping bag from the brand into a stylish purse. In addition, Ford drew connections between the look of that item and the new accessory in question, also inspired by the shopping bag. Regardless of where you fall on the debate, it’s hard to deny that it’s quite the murky affair.

First of all, as many pointed out in comments of coverage of the allegations, the designer was using Louis Vuitton’s image in the first place. However, it’s unclear whether Ford actually sought to make a profit off of the bag by selling it, so copyright claims might not actually hold any ground. Dapper Dan was one of many who praised her, and he started out doing a similar practice with Gucci and eventually went on to work for them. Between differences in material, questions over creative credit, and the clear viral nature of the video, there’s a lot to discuss here when it comes to whether to not Pharrell bit the idea.

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Kellie Ford Accuses Pharrell & Louis Vuitton Of Biting

In any case, it’s also not entirely implausible to think that these two talented creatives had a similar idea separately. After all, what easier way is there to inspire yourself to make a bag than by looking at another bag, albeit a shopping one? As such (and given that Ford said she wasn’t necessarily mad about it), it will be interesting to see if this actually develops into something larger. Hopefully the designer follows a similar trajectory as others and eventually gets hit up to work at the fashion brand, because her creativity certainly merits it.

Meanwhile, the star producer is turning heads everywhere he goes during Paris Fashion Week. After a star-studded show, his first forays in Louis Vuitton are proving to be quite successful. Still, a lot of people hope that the 50-year-old will at least show some love to Kellie Ford. For more updates and the latest news on Pharrell, stick around on HNHH.

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