Stormzy’s ‘Toxic Trait’ Video Uses Art To Reflect Life


Stormzy‘s new video for “Toxic Trait” uses art to reflect life, taking references and design cues from modern art museums to depict his struggles for self-improvement. However, he doesn’t sound like he regrets these traits so much as he confronts and accepts them, so let’s just call it “self-effacement” for now. Among the attributes he describes in the new song are an abhorrence for seeing people in the same jewelry (so much so, he’ll stash his away forever), an affinity for cannabis, and an unfortunately large carbon footprint.

Fellow rapper Fredo appears on the second verse does much the same, listing his materialism, ambition, and self-reliance as his own toxic traits (which they can be in excess). “She wanna link up, tell her, ‘Not today,’” he muses. “‘Cause I’m on the block till late (Late), still got this guap to make.” The beat is a skittering drill production crafted by Dave, who recently released a slick joint EP with Central Cee, Split Decision.

“Toxic Trait” is the second single from Stormzy’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled fourth album. It may take a while to arrive; he’s just eight months removed from his third album, This Is What I Mean, which he released in November last year.

Watch Stormzy’s “Toxic Trait” video above.


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