Trick Daddy Shares His Thoughts On Racism


Trick Daddy recently appeared on Revolt’s Big Facts where he discussed the Black experience in America. He offered his opinions on improving communities, family life, racial injustice, and more. “I’m tired of n***as playing the race card when it comes to everything,” he begins.

Trick Daddy then describes feeling as though problems within the Black community are caused or perpetuated by other people in the community. “N***as is other n***as only problem,” he explained, “Them crackers ain’t thinking about us.” He continues, “Every time we get a few dollars we run to them crackas stores and spend our money.” “Everybody ain’t thinking ’bout us. They don’t get money and come spend money with us,” Trick Daddy claims. He also went on to talk about the “street game and the dope game,” claiming that it funds hip hop. “That’s no secret,” he says, “But we’re trying to do something right with the money so let us do it.”

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Trick Daddy Discusses “Playing The Race Card”

 He went on to cite parenting as a major part of the problems he sees. “It’s our fault,” he says, “It’s our fault for not letting our kids appreciate things.” He goes on to reference his own upbringing, claiming that he believes parents should take a more traditional approach. “My mama never bought me a pair of tennis shoes over $30,” he explains, “We buy ’em Jordans.” Trick Daddy goes on to discuss relationships, claiming that people should start being more selective with those they choose to reproduce with.

“The average woman got two or three kids with two or three n***as,” he says, “every holiday the kids split up from their family.” He continues, “There’s no more tradition… Labor Day, Easter, Christmas, you know where you gone be at. There’s no more of that.” He then offers advise to those seeking partners, explaining, “We gotta stop having babies from hoes that ain’t baby mama material and they gotta stop having babies from n***as that ain’t baby daddy material.”

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