Fivio Foreign Allegedly Roofied At Paris Night Club


Fivio Foreign caught a speed bump during his good times in France for Paris Fashion Week, or at least that’s what reports of an alleged incident indicated. Moreover, according to TMZ, someone roofied the New York rapper on Saturday night (June 24) at the Parisian club L’Arc, resulting in a heated altercation. Apparently, the accusations of drugging come directly from Fivio, who attributed that to how he acted in the club he performed at. Furthermore, the publication got in contact with his representatives, who did not specify what went down that night. However, we do know that police forces spoke to him that night, and that the incident allegedly spilled outside of the premises.

However, while officers did confront Fivio Foreign, they did not arrest or detain him for the incident. Overall, it sounds like a bit of a scary situation, and the vagueness of reports as of writing this article certainly doesn’t help. At least the MC had other things to celebrate this week to balance out the unfortunate Saturday night. For example, he recently dropped $200K on a luxurious new chain with his name engraved, VVS diamonds, and emeralds.

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Fivio Foreign Performs At A Coachella Party

Fivio Foreign Roofied Paris Club
Fivio Foreign at the Marc Jacobs x i-D Coachella Party in Indio, California on April 15, 2023. (Photo by Katie Jones/WWD via Getty Images)

In other news, the 33-year-old was believed to be the victim of a chain-snatching indecent, although he and his team called these rumors false. Apparently a rapper named Big Pluto took responsibility for the incident when news of it first broke online. However, Fivio Foreign’s friend Loui Paso went on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast to debunk these claims, saying that he has really tight security. As such, he expressed doubts that anyone could even get past them without it being a much bigger and more well-known story, which got confirmed quick. After calling Fivio, he showed the podcast the allegedly stolen chain in question.

Meanwhile, he just released an eight track EP titled Without Warning, which he leads mostly by himself except for a feature from Kanye West on the track “Concussion.” They previously worked together on various songs from West’s Donda, including “Off The Grid.” Hopefully whatever happened in Paris was an isolated incident- and one that doesn’t happen again. For more news and the latest updates on Fivio Foreign, check back in with HNHH.

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