GloRilla Ejects Fans After Objects Thrown On Stage


GloRilla abruptly stopped a concert in Denmark after fans appeared to throw objects onto the stage. While performing at the Roskilde Festival, one of Europe’s largest music festivals, objects believed to be water bottles were thrown on stage and landed near the rapper. GloRilla halted her performance, pointing out the two individuals in question and asking for them to be removed.

Later, the artist took to Twitter, sharing footage of the incident along with a comment on the situation. “Da fact dat y’all make a mf have to talk to y’all like somebody auntie is ins*ne,” the rapper wrote.

However, recent events have led a number of outlets to report that it was in fact a phone that was thrown onto the stage. The footage does not make it clear what was thrown. Regardless, the act of throwing hard objects on stage is becoming a worrying trend.

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GloRilla Incident Second Of The Week

Of course, the incident at GloRilla’s Denmark set is the second time this week that a performer has had to deal with things being thrown on stage. On June 18, Bebe Rexha was struck in the head by a phone while performing in New York.

The man arrested for the assault on Rexha is a self-described misogynist who has openly said that he hates women. However, his defense later changed to simply wanting to get a picture with the artist. The individuals involved in the GloRilla incident have not yet been identified.

Fans have thrown things on stage for as long as organized concerts have been a thing. For example, it’s almost a time-honored tradition at this point for women to throw underwear on stage at Ginuwine concerts. However, a worrying trend has started to develop of objects that could, and have, injured people entering the performance space.

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GloRilla Drops “Put It On Da Floor” Remix

However, it’s not been all bad news for GloRilla this week. The Memphis rapper also dropped her remix of Latto’s wildly popular “Put It On Da Floor” on June 22. Dubbed the “GloMix“, it comes after a week of hype. Previously, GloRilla said that the song has a “condo” in her head, given how much she likes it.

The release came two days before the BET Awards, where the 23-year-old holds six nominations. That’s the second most at this year’s ceremony behind Drake. These nominations include a nod for Album of the Year for Anyways, Life’s Great. Released in November 2022, the debut EP peaked at #11 on the Billboard 200.

Elsewhere, GloRilla was also named to XXL‘s Freshman Class of 2023. The prestigious list from the long-running hip hop outlet highlights the best new faces on the scene each year. GloRilla more than earned her place with a phenomenal first year on the scene, including a top-ten Billboard hit with “Tomorrow”.

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