Janelle Monáe Explains Why She Loves Her Sexy Stretch Marks


Janelle Monáe has come to embrace her stretch marks after feeling self-conscious about them in her younger years.


During an interview for StyleLikeU’s “What’s Underneath” video series, the 37-year-old singer/actress admitted she was self-conscious of her stretch marks when she was younger, but she has since embraced them.

“I love my stretch marks,” Janelle declared. “When I was getting stretch marks as a teen, I used to be really self-conscious of them, I mean, going swimming was like hell for me because I was like, ‘Oh my god, everybody’s looking at my stretch marks.’”

The “Hidden Figures” actress continued, “I sorta liked them now, and when I see them on other bodies, specifically on the hips, it’s really sexy, so I like my little stretch marks.”


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Elsewhere in the interview, Janelle Monáe shared her thoughts on her personal style, particularly her trademark tuxedo.

“It’s about the spirit, sometimes the spirit is dressed up (in a tuxedo), sometimes the spirit is no clothes. (The tuxedo) says like honoring the uniform, the people who have been of service, like my parents, it says swag, sexiness, like so sexy and it says pushing back against gender norms,” Janelle explained.


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