Jim Jones Responds To Pusha T Diss On New Song “Summer Collection”


The beef between Pusha T and Jim Jones just kicked into full gear with its first official diss track. Sure, there was Push’s original shots, but those were more like obvious subliminals given the context than anything else. Now, the Dipset member released “Summer Collection” in response for a “From The Block Performance.” In it, he uses the exact same beat that the Virginia native used in his teased disses towards the New York MC on an unreleased Clipse collab with No Malice. Not only that, but he responds to a few of the points that Pusha made on those bars, and comes through with some more aggressive material.

For example, there’s him urging Pusha T to not doubt his VVS diamonds, and him not caring about any of the former G.O.O.D. Music president’s luxury purchases or flamboyant style. Also, he trashed his artistry is catalog, referencing his album My Name Is My Name but saying “we ain’t screaming that.” Another example of that was Jim Jones stating that Push is only a “gorilla” because of all the “apes” that he features on his albums. He didn’t really clarify whether he depends on his features or picks small names, but either way works, right?

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Jim Jones’ Diss Track Towards Pusha T

However, perhaps the nail in the coffin out of all of his bars were instead directed at his brother No Malice. Furthermore, Jones said that he’s not looking too good right now, and that he shouldn’t bother with a Clipse reunion. Considering how deep Pusha T went at Drake after the latter mentioned the former’s fiancée, this can’t spell out good news for the 46-year-old. Regardless, let us know what you think about this diss (which you can find on YouTube) and how it compares to Push’s in the comments. Read some standout bars below and stick around on HNHH for more on Jim Jones and Pusha T.

Quotable Lyrics
The only beef you know, n***a, is Arby’s or the Big Mac
We don’t drive through, we drive by in the car with the big MAC
The last s**t you dropped, that s**t was garbage, take that s**t back
Plus you got your brother rappin’, what you tryna bring the Clipse back?
Talk about your brother, what happened to that boy?
He’s looking like they’ve been selling crack to that boy

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