Latto Fans Rock Plastic Bags At The Club


A new clip has been circulating the internet, showing club patrons pulling out plastic bags while turning up to Latto’s song “Put It On Da Floor.” Fans are seen with the bags over their heads, pulling them off for the lyrics “rip me out the plastic, I been actin’ brand new.”

Fans clearly love the Latto track, which was released in April of this year. The single quickly went viral on TikTok, and has received a ton of praise from artists like GloRilla, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, and more. A slew of remixes of the hit have also emerged. Cardi B hopped on “Put It On Da Floor Again” earlier this month, after having teased its release. They announced the remix on Instagram, with a clip of Latto pulling a plastic bag off of Cardi’s head, saying “rip her out the plastic, she been actin’ brand new.”

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Club Patrons Rip Themselves “Out The Plastic”

GloRilla also just dropped her “GloMix” of the song last week. She had previously Tweeted that the song had “a condo in [her] head,” prompting fans to demand a remix. She then wrote, “I ain’t did a remix since I blew up.” “But da streets keep telling me to remix ‘Put It On Da Floor,’” she explained, “and I think I’m finna listen. Dat mf too hard.” When Cardi B encouraged her to do it, she told Cardi to “Say less.” GloRilla also previously hyped up “Put It On Da Floor Again,” telling followers, “If Cardi don’t do s**t else, she gone slide on a mf beat. Go cousin.”

City Girls’ Yung Miami also just recently teased her remix of the song. She shared a clip of the remix with her Instagram followers last week. “Who got you b*tches talking like that???” she asked fans. Yung Miami has yet to confirm the release date of her upcoming remix.

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