Method Man Flexes His Abs On Instagram, Comments Are Flooded By Thirsty Fans


Aging is a difficult part of life for some to cope with. Thankfully, due to the social media age, we’re constantly being reminded that life doesn’t begin to end after age 40. In fact, several of our favourite artists and entertainers are only getting better as they grow into mid-life, both mentally and physically. Among those constantly impressing us with their apparent ability to look younger every day is Method Man, who gave his Instagram followers a progress update straight from the gym on Saturday (June 24). In the video, the Wu-Tang star wears a white tank top and track pants, cooly lifting up his top to show off his washboard abs for the camera.

“Operation get rid of the muffin top 😩,” the multi-talent wrote in the caption, though there’s obviously no muffin top in sight. “For motivational purposes only,” Method Man added. “‘TRAINING IS COMMITMENT AND LIFESTYLE,’ POWERED BY #KILLERBEEPRE 💥 #TICALATHLETICS 🐝.” Clearly, all the hard work he’s put in has the New Yorker feeling himself, and based on the comments, it’s abundantly clear that the rest of the world is too.

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Method Man is Working on His Fitness

“He’s married Carrie. [You’re] married Carrie 🙈🙈,” one user wrote, while countless others shared GIF replies perfectly portraying their lust. “I saw my hand run across it slowly… 🗣️JESUS KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS! 🙏🏽😂❤️,” another person joked.

Method Man’s appeal has been undeniably lately, whether at the gym or a work function. Earlier this month, Modern Family actress Julie Bowen couldn’t help but approach the legendary lyricist to let him know just how fine he is – a compliment which he graciously accepted, much to the internet’s enjoyment.

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Fans React

Keep scrolling to see Instagram’s thirsty reaction to Method Man’s latest gym video. Are you impressed by the 52-year-old’s dedication to staying in such great shape? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

Method Man Comments
Method Man Comments
Method Man Comments



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