Nick Cannon Pursuing Child Psychology Degree


Given that he’s welcomed 12 children into his life from six different mothers, Nick Cannon has a lot to learn about fatherhood. Moreover, he spoke on his progress on The Language Of Love podcast with Dr. Laura Berman on Sunday (June 18). In fact, he wants to take that learning process to the next level and actually hit the books. Furthermore, the multi-hyphenate entertainment figure revealed his pursuit of a master’s degree in child psychology. During their conversation, he mentioned some of the things that stick out in his mind the most in his early stages of advanced education.

“Oh, the presence of a father and how much will they need you,” Nick Cannon remarked. “The Freudian aspect of reverting back to your childhood trauma, or the lack thereof. Nature vs nurture. These are conversations I have several times every single day. I’m living, whether in therapy on my own or even just wanting to make sure that every single child has what they need, developmentally and emotionally. I’m studying the brain and at what point does sensory matter.”

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Nick Cannon’s Full Interview On The Language Of Love

Regardless of his studies, the “Wild ‘N Out” host is also taking other steps to develop his relationship with his children- or rather, with each other. “As much as that may be a wish of mine, I’ve got to respect that’s not a wish of everyone’s,” Nick Cannon said of bringing all his kids together. “I think that we’ll get there. One of the things I’ve witnessed from some of my elders in the game, once the children get of age to make their own decisions, it’ll happen. Because they’re currently under their mothers’ jurisdiction, I’m trying to play by the moms’ rules. But once they can make their own decisions, I would hope and pray that we’ll have established a strong enough relationship that they’ll want to come hang out with me.

“I think he’s kind of already figured it out,” he said of his six-year-old son Golden. “He knows he has other siblings. Even within his own house, he’s not an only child,” Cannon continued. “He knows about his older siblings. He’s been around the younger ones. He’s been around them, just nobody talks about it. It’s not like, ‘This is your brother or your sister. And I think the school that he’s in, he’s on the internet. He knows his dad is known for having a lot of kids.” For more news and the latest updates on Nick Cannon, stay up to date on HNHH.

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