Saweetie Teases New Song With London On Da Track Production In Chicago


It’s been several years of EPs, singles, and other notable moments, yet there’s still no debut album from Saweetie. Of course, she’s spent plenty of time giving updates and timelines on when the album is coming, and why it’s taken so long to release. However, it seems like all of that might change this year after performances and new music teases, plus a couple of notable collaborations and last year’s EP, THE SINGLE LIFE. Recently, at Chicago’s Pride In The Park Festival, the Cali native teased a new track with production from acclaimer beatmaker London On Da Track. Moreover, it’s reportedly titled “Shot O’Clock” and hopefully drops very soon.

In terms of the beat, it’s a classic bounce for Saweetie, harkening to West Coast rhythms and chorus structures. There’s even a Spanish countdown that compliments the beat and melody quite well, on top of sampling Suzanne Vega and DNA’s “Tom’s Diner.” Lyrically, it’s just as boastful, confident, and club-ready as you expect a track from the 29-year-old to be. Her performance on it is sharp, focused, and filled with laidback energy.

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Saweetie & London On Da Track’s Teased Song

However, a bigger story involving her recently actually involved another rapper allegedly throwing a diss her way. Moreover, the “ICY GIRL” seemed to catch a stray from Young Thug on the track “Want Me Dead” off his new album BUSINESS IS BUSINESS– or at least that’s what fans thought. “My n***a ain’t even tryna hit sweetie,” Thugger raps. He took to Twitter to clarify that he said “sweetie” and not “Saweetie.” Regardless, it still caused quite the stir online given the hype around the release and the apparent name-drop. Ultimately, Thug is such an expressive rapper that confusion around his bars is to be expected at this point.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta-based producer made a lot of headlines recently for his relationship with Shenseea. In fact, it crossed over into another news story. Summer Walker (his ex that beefed with him a lot online) gave her props for changing his ways. From the looks of it, he and Saweetie will go back to making headlines for their art very soon. On that note, log back into HNHH for the latest news and updates on these artists.

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