Kendrick Perkins Fed Up With Damian Lillard Rumors


Since the end of the 2022-23 NBA season, all eyes have been on free agency and potential trades. Every summer, teams attempt to make a massive splash by bringing superstars to their organization. Including the Phoenix Suns, who made a huge deal to bring Bradley Beal to the desert. However, it seems one name has been at the top of the summer talking points for quite some time. That name is Damian Lillard.

Fans and players alike have long been pushing the idea that Lillard will inevitably need to leave Portland to find playoff success. However, the Trail Blazers star has stood his ground and is now known as one of the more loyal players in the league. But that doesn’t mean that he will be in Portland for the remainder of his career. Will he or won’t he has been talked about by every media outlet for the past few summers. But for Kendrick Perkins, the time for talk is over. The former NBA big man has had enough of talking about the frustrated superstar’s future playing destination.

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Kendrick Perkins Is Exhausted By Damian Lillard Talk

On Monday’s edition of ‘First Take,’ Perkins did not hold back his feelings on the Lillard drama. “At this point… I’m tired of talking about [the trade rumors]… I’m starting to think that he’s trolling… This relationship has ran its course when it comes down to Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers,” stated the former Oklahoma City big. Perkins, like most fans, is becoming exhausted with the continued storyline on Dame’s future in the league. However, there are only two ways this goes. He’s either traded, or he isn’t.

Dame is without question, one of the biggest stars currently in the NBA. However, being a star doesn’t mean everyone wants to hear the same story every day. The NFL recently dealt with this same issue involving Aaron Rodgers’ move to New York. However, the issue wouldn’t take up so much time if it wasn’t important. Where do you see Dame playing next season? Let us know in the comment section. For the latest news in sports, keep it right here with HNHH.

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