Kevin Durant Called Out By Podcast Host


Kevin Durant is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players of his generation. The former Texas Longhorns star has a list of accolades that would rival a CVS receipt. However, it still feels as though Durant doesn’t get the shine that other stars of this era receive. Arguments are always made that Durant created the greatest superteam of all time when he went to Golden State. Which doesn’t sit right with many. But in the era of the superteam, what is so wrong about it?

Durant has since moved on to Brooklyn and then Phoenix since his days with the Warriors. In that time, the future Hall of Famer has continued to be a killer on the court. However, Durant takes notice of his haters in the social media world. It’s hard to imagine anyone like Durant not noticing the hate that is directed toward them each day. Jason McIntyre of ‘Straight Fire‘ believes it is time for Durant to let those haters argue among themselves.

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Kevin Durant’s Love For Dissing His Haters

On Monday, McIntyre went all in on how Durant should handle his haters online. That being, don’t deal with them at all. “Kevin Durant needs to get a life… Let your resume speak for itself. You’ve got a phenomenal resume… Why are you debating it with a bunch of knuckleheads on the internet?” McIntyre believes that arguing with people online is beneath Durant. Which maybe it is. However, Durant can still choose whatever he wants to do with his life. No matter how others may perceive it.

The digital age has brought everyone closer together. For better or for worse, we are all connected in some way. Growing up in the digital age like Durant did means he enjoys being active on social media. However, it would be hard to enjoy it if all you did was see vile things written about you. Durant’s interactions with his haters are a welcomed act, in my opinion. It’s nice to see people being held accountable for their words every now and then. For the latest news in sports, keep it right here with HNHH.

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