Ray J & Princess Love Explain Why They Called Off Their Divorce


Ray J and Princess Love are getting candid about their third divorce filing and explaining why they ultimately decided against it. As The Shade Room previously reported, Ray J filed documents to dismiss the proceeding in March.

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The Couple Explains How They’ve Moved Forward Since Their Third Divorce Filing

The couple appeared at the 2023 BET Awards on Sunday evening and presented the award for Best New Artist. According to Entertainment Tonight, Ray J even shared a few words with his partner while on stage.

“Love wins. I love you, baby. Listening, trying to compromise, never going to let you go.”

Afterward, the couple spoke exclusively with the outlet about why they decided against divorcing.

Princess Love explained that “love is hard,” but “it always works out.”

“I mean love is hard. It’s never easy but it always works out. And that’s what it’s supposed to be, right?”

Additionally, Ray J explained how they moved forward with their union.

“[It was] us just becoming best friends and doing things that she loves to do that I love to do and just hanging in there… For me, it’s just compromising a lot more and listening and trying to understand how we can make it right, and what I can do to be better too.”

Ray J Explained That The Couple Had To “Shut” The World Out

The singer went on to explain that he and Princess Love are “best” buddies. However, as for “all the friends” they had around them, they needed to separate themselves from in order to move forward.

“She’s my best buddy. I’m her best buddy. And all the friends and everybody we had around, they gotta get out of our bubble. I think once we start locking in like that it just became super fun, you know?”

Furthermore, Princess Love explained that she felt a lot of people “were against” her relationship with the “One Wish” singer.

“I feel like there were a lot of people who were against us, and, I mean, even some of the world is against us. But we have to just shut everybody out and focus on us, and our family.”

Furthermore, Ray J explained that he is happy he and his wife have prevailed over their strife.

“I mean, when you’re looking at the edge and it’s about to be over for real, this is a sure thing, it changes the whole scope of things. And I’m happy we stuck in there.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, the singer filed for divorce from Princess Love in October 2021. However, at the time, it was unclear what prompted the filing.

The motion was the couple’s third divorce filing. Additionally, they share two children, a five-year-old daughter named Melody Love, and a three-year-old son named Epik Ray Norwood.

Roomies, are you happy that the R&B singer and Princess Love are pressing forward in their union? What do you think of their advice about saving their relationship?


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