Sexyy Red Calls Out Woman Who Farted Near Her At The 2023 BET Awards


Everyone seemed to have a great time at the 2023 BET Awards, and though Sexyy Red might agree, it wasn’t all peaches and cream. Sure, she enjoyed herself a lot alongside Chrisean Rock, twerking barefoot in the seating aisles. However, one particular unnamed woman set her off when she walked past the St. Louis native and allegedly let a fart out. Soon after, Red shared a hilarious video calling out the mystery tooter and reacting to the stinky smell. Even when you’re in a star-studded arena at a grandiose event, those real-world everyday issues still seep through the cracks.

“So, I’m pissed off right now,” Sexyy Red expressed in the clip from the comfort of her BET Awards seat. “Some stanky booty-a** b***h just walked past me and farted, and it smell like a**. You nasty as f**k, b***h. Don’t ever disrespect a queen by going to walk past me and fart. B***h, f**k you!” she concluded with a laugh. Unfortunately, the 25-year-old is facing much stronger (but fortunately less smelly) hate coming her way. This time, though, it’s a direct attack and not just an isolated incident at an awards show.

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Sexyy Red’s Hilarious Response To Stink BET Awards Experience

Furthermore, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro blasted Sexyy Red’s latest track with Nicki Minaj, “Pound Town 2.” Moreover, he hilariously tried to read some of the more vulgar lyrics in the song with a straight face before going in on the song’s themes, as any offended hater would. Not only that, but this even elicited a direct response from Minaj on Twitter, who quote-tweeted a clip of the critique with a special message. “Roman said leave his a** out of it sir! No pun intended,” she expressed on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, the “Female Gucci Mane” is celebrating the recent release of her latest full-length project, Hood Hottest Princess. With that aforementioned hit plus other bangers like “Born By The River” and “Strictly For The Strippers,” she gave fans a nice and concise set of summer jams. Hopefully we see her career go to even further heights in the future, as she’s well on her way to an upper echelon. For more news and the latest updates on Sexyy Redd, come back to HNHH.

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