Young Thug’s Lawyer Calls For Certain Charges To Be Dropped


The newest twist in the long-running legal drama for Young Thug and the YSL RICO case has arrived. Young Thug’s lawyer has reportedly filed a massive new motion to have many of the charges thrown out. The reason for the motion is a claim that anything accused of happening more than 5 years before the arrest date is invalid. This is due to the statute of limitations on the RICO laws that were used to arrest almost 30 people associated with YSL. The motion requests that any charge related to something that happened 5 years before Thugger’s arrest be thrown out.

In the wake of this news breaking many fans thought similar things. Namely, why did this take so long to come out? In a trial that has been ongoing for over a year now it seems to many like this legal maneuver should have come a long time ago. Comments under an Instagram post sharing the news expressed this sentiment in a number of ways. “Why they ain’t been tried this,” one commenter says. “His lawyer just realizing this? Lmao,” another reads.

Young Thug and the YSL RICO trial have been at the center of rap news for over a year now. Thugger just released his new album Business Is Business. It’s his first project since 2021’s Punk and his first since the arrest happened last year. The album is packed full of high-profile features from artists like 21 Savage, Travis Scott, Drake, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. It also features lyrics that have been a lightning rod for ongoing controversy related to Gunna’s alleged snitching.

Young Thug’s YSL label mate Gunna has faced a lot of hate from fellow rappers for allegedly snitching on his label mates. In some lyrics on Thugger’s new album, he takes shots at snitches that certainly seem like they could be aimed at Gunna. While some online have claimed the lyrics predate the pair’s arrest, it’s currently unclear who Thug was talking about. What do you think of Young Thug’s newest legal strategy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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