Flyana Boss: The Viral Dynamic Femcee Rap Duo


If you’ve been scrolling through TikTok, you’ll see that a new duo, Flyana Boss, has been taking over the platform. The 2020 pandemic shifted TikTok’s vision, as it went from a kids’ dancing app to a full-blown global sensation. People use the online outlet to share political views, spark social change, beef with strangers worldwide, join viral trends, and promote their creative endeavors.

Flyana Boss is among the millions of artists hoping to be the next big thing in Hip Hop. Judging from the responses to their releases, they may be on their way. The pair is made up of Detroit’s Bobbi Lanea and Dallas’s Folayan Kunerede, a pair of best friends who are bringing a bright, distinctive flavor to Rap. There was a time in the culture when music groups dominated the charts. Yet, we don’t often see Rap groups standing out in modern times. However, Flyana Boss redefines music’s boundaries, fusing lyricism paired with a catchy Pop twist.

The ladies have been recently promoting their latest release, “You Wish,” with several viral videos on TikTok. It has become a common practice for them as their visibility rapidly increases from one release to the next. Folayan and Bobbi make it seem effortless, but anyone connected to the music industry will attest that organically earning 550k followers on any social media platform isn’t easy.

Flyana Boss: Different Music Backgrounds

flyana boss

The pair’s introduction to music vastly differed. Folayan comes from a highly musical family that would perform together, especially the siblings. She says she’s been involved with music in one way or another “pretty much my whole life.” Meanwhile, while Bobbi’s family was entrenched in the music they loved, they weren’t performers themselves. Bobbi explains she “had to figure it out all on my own,” and things took a turn when she moved to California to attend music school. It was there that she first met Folayan.

“We were acquaintances, like cool, close acquaintances. We hung out in the same friend groups,” said Bobbi. “It was always good vibes, and we always admired each other, but we’re both very introverted. Because of that, it would be rare where we would ask each other to meet up, even though we loved hanging out and got along so well.” Folayan added, “Every time we would hang out, it’d be so much fun. We’d talk the whole time. It was always so natural and easy, and nothing was ever weird.”

The Making Of A Girl Group

It wasn’t until Folayan packed up and moved to Van Nuys, California, did the ladies reconnect. They were too far from one another, and their growing friendship was taking an artistic turn. Bobbi began playing her music for Folayan, who was impressed with the production. An idea to join forces was expressed, and as they say, the rest is history…in the making.

The two rising stars aren’t just best friends and collaborators but fans of one another. “I’ve always admired Folayan’s music and her vibe,” said Bobbi. “Ever since we first met, I thought, ‘Whoa, this girl’s amazing!’ She was always ahead of her time to me. I always used to do music alone. I used to write, produce, and record all by myself because I felt very nervous about being creative around other people. Folayan alleviated all of that because she believed in me, and she always encouraged me.”

The Power Of Collaboration

Flyana Boss stays committed to crafting music that resonates with listeners profoundly. Their vibrant and unforgettable performances establish them as an act worth watching in Hip Hop. Women have been dominating Rap culture recently, with many amassing success after viral fame. Cardi B was an online star before adding her name to Love & Hip Hop: New York. She proves that social media visibility can result in superstardom if an artist is willing to do the work. Flyana Boss is on their way to trek a similar journey, albeit with their own complementary signature flows.

Beyond The Buzz: A Vision For The Future

In a world often tethered by norms and expectations, Flyana Boss dances to their own rhythm. Their goal? To etch their legacy in the hearts and minds of music lovers around the globe. As their journey unfolds, one thing is certain: Flyana Boss is a name you’ll remember, a beat you’ll dance to, and a story you’ll want to follow. As Bobbi asserts, “Yeah, we’re like two chemicals in the periodic table that combust in a good way and belong together. We’re making music together all the time. It’s our lifeline. Flyana Boss is our whole life.”

“You Wish” was released on June 16 and marked Flyana Boss’s most successful release to date. Can their viral visibility translate into a successful music career outside of social media spaces? Only time will tell, but Folayan and Bobbi are on their way up. “It felt heaven sent how everything happened,” Folayan adds. “We’ve been working really hard towards this. It feels like it’s finally happening and we love that!”



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