Jadakiss Says He Still Gets Anxious About Performing


Jadakiss is opening up in interviews recently, talking about what it’s like to get up on stage after 30 years. On Hot 97‘s GOAT Talk with DJ Enuff last Wednesday, the rapper admitted to suffering from anxiety before any live performance, despite the number of shows he’s done in his career. “Facts. Every show, there’s some butterflies before you gotta go out there,” he said to DJ Enuff. This nervousness is unbiased on which stage, what the show’s caliber is, or which city Jada is touring.

DJ Enuff replied that this was a testament to how much he cares about rap, to which Jadakiss agreed. Even though this is how he feels internally every time he’s up there, he performs like it’s his last show. The dedication to his craft is what keeps Jada going. That, and the love he has for the up-and-comers entering the rap industry. (Unless they’re trying to get fights started… then he doesn’t enjoy the pageantry.)

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Jadakiss’ Butterflies & The Young Guns

Jadakiss knows other young rappers must feel similarly. He recently gave some props to Bay Area rapper Symba for his lyrical range and current hot streak. The two performers embraced backstage at a 2023 BET Awards event this past weekend. Video of the encounter went viral, with Jada talking Symba up over and over. Cultural icons like LeBron James and Busta Rhymes commented on the social media post, showering praise for both the old guard and the young bucks of rap.

Jadakiss is doing plenty of talk show appearances these days, giving his take on everything from rap beef to industry history. Celebrating over 31 years of musical prominence, the Yonkers, NY, native is getting introspective while still pushing himself to perform. And we can all relate to Jada; going in front of a mass of people and being vulnerable is uncomfortable. He had the gumption to do it all these years. For that, we are truly grateful. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the music world.

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