Kim Kardashian Embraces A ‘New’ Her In Post-Divorce Era


In the wake of her divorce from Kanye West, Kim Kardashian acknowledges how the split brought about a “new” version of herself that no one can “break.”

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Kim Says Her “Prior Confidence” Was Tied To “Having A Partner Whose Opinion [She] Trusted”

The mother-of-four briefly dished on the subject during a recent interview with Vogue Italia.

At one point, Kim Kardashian proclaimed that she’s now embracing a “new” her. She added that her relationship with Kanye played a role in her “prior confidence.”

“I do feel like it’s a new me. My prior confidence stemmed from having a partner whose opinion I trusted so much.”

However, she acknowledged that she ultimately began to “lose” herself in the arrangement, though she’s now “at a time where [she] just want[s] to do the right thing.”

“When that happens you kind of lose your own. Now I’m at a time where I just want to do the right thing.”

Kim added that she’s ready to appreciate her blessings and “mind [her] own business” while being mindful of all the life lessons she’s learned so far. After all, she’s “grateful for all of” her experiences.

“I want to appreciate everything and everyone around me, mind my own business, and value my relationships with my kids. In terms of what I want to leave behind, I’m not the type of person who forgets about [where] she came from. I am grateful for all of it.”

Unbreakable! Kim Kardashian Says She’s Always Been A “Problem Solver” Who Can Handle Life’s Obstacles

Regarding her efforts at embracing a new era in her personal life, Kardashian connected the pursuit to a message she received during a recent medium reading.

Specifically, the medium told Kim that her “soul had done so much soul work in past lives” in terms of “handl[ing] stress and pressure.”

Regarding this realization, Kim Kardashian explained, “That’s why I can handle so much.” She also affirmed this observation by discussing how she’s a “problem solver” when it truly counts.

“It’s true, in times of crisis I’ll get a little bit stressed out, but I’m a problem solver for a lot of people in emergency situations.”

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Confidently, Kim Kardashian pointed out, “So far, I haven’t let anything really break me.” From her commentary, it sounds like the 42-year-old intends to keep this trend going!


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