Post Malone Reveals ‘Austin’ Album Tracklist with No Features


Post Malone has confirmed that he will be releasing his 5th studio album Austin on July 28.

The singer-rapper took to social media to reveal the date as well as the official tracklist featuring 17 songs in total. “My new record AUSTIN has 17 songs and drops July 28th 🍻💕,” Malone wrote. “Here’s a snippet of one of em 🥹 I love you!!!”

Surprisingly, there are no features on the album — at least that’s what it looks like so far. He also gave fans a snippet of track #2 ‘Something Real’ which you can listen below.

“It’s been some of the funnest music, some of the most challenging and rewarding music for me, at least — trying to really push myself and really do some cool stuff. I played guitar on every song on the record, and it was a really, really fun experience, and I’m super, super excited to share it with you,” he previously said about the LP.

Austin Track List:

1. “Don’t Understand”
2. “Something Real”
3. “Chemical”
4. “Novacandy”
5. “Mourning”
6. “Too Cool To Die”
7. “Sign Me Up”
8. “Socialite”
9. “Overdrive”
10. “Speedometer”
11. “Hold My Breath”
12. “Enough Is Enough”
13. “Texas Tea”
14. “Buyer Beware”
15. “Landmine”
16. “Green Thumb”
17. “Laugh It Off”


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