Ryan Seacrest To Host “Wheel Of Fortune”


Ryan Seacrest is one of the biggest names in all of television. Although he doesn’t host as many shows as he used to, he still has a bit of an empire thanks to numerous shows he helped executive produce. For example, he was a huge part of the success of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Of course, in his early career, he was known for his work on American Idol. Now, however, he is getting a huge new opportunity that is most definitely going to turn some heads. He will now be the host of Wheel Of Fortune.

Pat Sajak had been doing the show for over 40 years. However, he decided that it was time to finally retire. Since that time, Seacrest has been the one angling for the job. In the end, he won out and it is easy to see why. He has a ton of broadcasting experience, and he is one of the best people out there for this kind of gig. Taking to Instagram, Seacrest revealed just how excited he is to get started on this endeavor.

Ryan Seacrest Wins Big

“I’m truly humbled to be stepping into the footsteps of the legendary Pat Sajak,” Seacrest explained in his post. “I can say, along with the rest of America, that it’s been a privilege and pure joy to watch Pat and Vanna on our television screens for an unprecedented 40 years, making us smile every night and feel right at home with them. Pat, I love the way you’ve always celebrated the contestants and made viewers at home feel at ease. I look forward to learning everything I can from you during this transition.”

While this may be a huge change for fans of the show, others simply saw this coming a mile away. Sajak has been at it for so long that it will be refreshing to see Seacrest in the position. That said, let us know your thoughts on the personnel decision, down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the television world and beyond.


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