Travis Scott May Have Revealed “UTOPIA” Release Date With New Billboard


Travis Scott has been teasing fans to an absurd degree when it comes to UTOPIA. Overall, it has almost been five years since the release of Astroworld. Consequently, fans are feeling starved for new music. In many ways, this is reminiscent of how Kendrick Lamar took five years between Damn and Mr. Morale. Nevertheless, fans are still excited about this new project, and they are looking for all sorts of clues that could hint at when this album is going to be released.

So far, Travis Scott has provided plenty of context clues in the form of his “UTOPIA” briefcase. Typically, Mike Dean or other big-name artists can be seen with the briefcase. This is meant to be a hint of who is going to be featured on the project. Although, there is no guarantee these artists even make the final cut. Furthermore, UTOPIA was recently added to Travis Scott’s website, which has fans wondering about the next steps. Well, on Monday evening, billboards went up throughout Los Angeles. These billboards contain UTOPIA branding and they have some pretty glaring hints throughout.

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Travis Scott Continues To Hint

In the tweet above, you can see that the billboard on the left showcases a clock with the hands pointing to 7:21. Moreover, there is another billboard with a lock combination that leads your eyes over to 07/21. When you do the deductions in your head here, you realize that July 21st jumps out at you. Upon doing some research, it is revealed that July 21st is on a Friday, which is when new music comes out. Consequently, fans are now convinced that UTOPIA is set to drop in 24 days from now.

However, it needs to be made clear that Travis Scott has yet to officially announce this release date. Instead, it is simply a theory based on the billboards. Although, given the timelines we have been made privy to over the past few weeks, perhaps this release date does make a lot of sense. Let us know what you think about all of this, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from around the music world.

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