Trina Denies Pregnancy Rumors After BET Awards Performance


Rapper Trina is not with child–and she’s ready for fans (and critics) to let the viral talks go.

Mommy-to-be rumors swirled online after the self-proclaimed Baddest B***h and Trick Daddy took the BET Awards stage on Sunday (June 25). Trina rocked a shimmery red bodysuit with a V-cut neckline for the performance. She paired the outfit with leather-like boots and red gloves.

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Trina’s stomach area appeared slightly inflated–sending fans into a frenzy.

On Sunday, the artist also shared footage from a live performance. Wearing a mini, bodycon silver dress, Trina belted her raunchy lyrics to a cheering crowd. Given the similarities in her body shape between both performances, the clip sparked even more debates.

But Trina insists, via a statement to TMZ, that there’s no bun baking in her oven.

“She is not pregnant despite fans’ speculation following her performance at the BET Awards. Just like any other woman, her weight fluctuates. She is asking for fans to just move on from this,” Trina’s rep reportedly said.

This marks the second time in recent years that the “Here We Go” artist has shut down pregnancy rumors. Ironically, the last time–in 2021–also centered on a BET Awards appearance. Later that same year, the rumors popped up again after she performed on the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise. Each time, the rapper shut down the claims.

Trina Previously Opened Up About Suffering Three Miscarriages

Earlier this year, the Miami rapper joined Yung Miami on Caresha Please. One topic they touched on was the 44-year-old not yet having children. She revealed that having multiple miscarriages and losing her mother took a toll on her desire for motherhood.

“Well, after three miscarriages, I would’ve had three kids. That was a lot for me. The first one was–I don’t think I really understood it too much. I was younger, younger. Then once I got older, then there was the next one I was like ‘Okay what does that mean? What does the miscarriage mean? Like I just didn’t really get it. Then, it just became a point like, third miscarriage. Okay,” she said on the show.

Additionally, Trina revealed that losing her mother to cancer in 2019 made her question how she would parent without hers.

“Then, when my mom got sick, honestly, I just went into this phase of ‘I don’t even want to have a kid and my mom is not here.’ Like how do I raise a kid without my mom? That’s not the happiest thing for me, honestly.”

Trina told Yung Miami she would give herself two years to “have a kid.” And despite that interview happening this year and being within Trina’s timeframe, the rapper says that’s not what’s happening right now.


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