Casanova Receives 15+ Year Prison Sentence


Rapper Casanova has been sentenced to over 15 years in prison for his involvement as the leader of the Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods street gang. United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Damian Williams, strongly condemned Casanova for his role in recruiting and expanding the gang nationwide.

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Prosecutor Says Casanova Was “High-Profile Leader Of Vicious Street Gang” At Sentencing Tuesday

“Caswell Senior is not just a notorious recording artist, but he is also a high-profile leader of a vicious street gang and a magnet for gang violence,” Williams said according to the Department of Justice.

Williams further emphasized the consequences of gang life, stating that Casanova’s sentencing serves as a reminder that such a lifestyle leads to many years in prison.

“Further, Senior’s stature in the community was central to Gorilla Stone’s successful recruitment and nationwide expansion. Today’s sentencing — along with the other significant sentences that have been imposed in this case — shows once again that gang life is not worth it and will lead to many years in prison.”

Casanova has been in custody since his arrest on gang-related RICO charges in 2020. If he serves his full sentence, he will be released at around 51 years old.

Casanova’s Girlfriend Says She’s Supporting Him During 15+ Year Sentence

In an Instagram post, Casanova’s girlfriend, Jazzy, expressed her dedication to supporting him throughout his prison sentence.

“I love you baby. We gotta walk that path together!” Jazzy captioned the post, accompanied by a photo of the couple holding hands.

Casanova is the 12th defendant in the Gorilla Stone case to be sentenced so far. Five additional defendants have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

These developments come shortly after Casanova wrote a letter to the judge, renouncing his gang ties and promising to speak out against gang life if given leniency.

In the letter, Casanova also revealed that he had experienced suicidal thoughts while in prison, as reported by HipHopDX.

Casanova Slashed In Prison By Fellow Inmate Same Day Rapper Renounced His Gang Ties

However, Casanova was reportedly stabbed by another inmate named Ulysses Lugo at the Essex County Correctional Facility on June 15.

The incident occurred on the same day that Casanova renounced his gang ties.

Following the sentencing, Casanova’s girlfriend shared her thoughts on the incident via her Instagram Story.

“Now that he’s sentenced, let me address this. I heard they’re saying you got a cut, baby,” she wrote, referring to a cut on an inmate’s face that requires at least 150 stitches, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Jazzy continued, “He video-called me, they must be talking about that cut you put on my commissary. That boy looks good.”

She also posted a photo of a minor cut near Casanova’s nose, claiming it to be the alleged “slash wound.”


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