Cleveland Mayor Offers Hope for Moon Man’s Landing Festival


Kid Cudi’s cancellation of the 2023 Moon Man’s Landing Festival may not be the end of the event after all. Cleveland’s mayor, Justin Bibb, expressed his willingness to help the festival continue, bringing hope to festival-goers. On Wednesday (June 28), Kid Cudi had a conversation with Mayor Bibb over the phone, discussing possible solutions for the event to take place in Cleveland in 2023.


“Just had a great call w @MayorBibb about the festival, Stay tuned,” Kid Cudi tweeted. “Working fast to find a solution to still do it this year! Thanks Justin for making yourself available brother #ClevelandAllDay.”

The 2023 Moon Man’s Landing Festival was originally planned to be held at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse in Cleveland on August 19. Kid Cudi initially wanted an outdoor festival, but due to logistical challenges, he had to book an arena instead.

“I know you guys wanted an outdoor festival, and so did I, but the city wouldn’t approve it,” Kid Cudi explained on social media. “Instead of canceling the whole thing, I decided to have it at the arena because I still wanted to bring something cool to the city, but I understand if you guys weren’t feeling it.”

However, Mayor Bibb revealed that the city never received a permit application for the Moon Man’s Landing Festival. Despite this, he reached out to Kid Cudi, and both parties expressed their desire to see the festival take place in Cleveland at some point in 2023.


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