Hometown Hero Jeezy “Honored” To Receive Champion Award In Atlanta


Jeezy has been celebrated in his home city, receiving the Spirit of the League Champion award for his dedication to giving back to his local community.


He received the honor at the annual Urban League of Greater Atlanta (ULGA) luncheon Tuesday (Jun. 27), alongside a host of fellow local heroes.

In a statement to local outlet, Atlanta News First, Jeezy said he was “honoured” to receive the award, praising the ULGA for their “dedication and diligence,” in assisting and uplifting “our underserved communities.” He said the league “set a standard of excellence that we should all strive to duplicate.”


“I look forward to bridging the gap and doing my part to provide support to those in need,” Jeezy added.

During the ceremony and luncheon, Jeezy gave advice to the youth, inspiring them to stay out of trouble and strive for success. He mentioned Tupac as a major influence, alongside Magic Johnson, Shaq, and TD Jakes. The Grammy Award-winner hailed them as role models for mastering their craft and flourishing in other fields.

“His advice was to stay focused and stick to your dreams and avoid letting negativity pull you off your track,” Johnson continued.

During his talks, Jeezy reflected on his youth when he was involved with gangs. He said he was a product of his environment, but his grandmother’s prayers helped him find a new direction. “She took him to church and poured love and guidance into him,” Johnson added. “She reinforced in him that he was a leader.”

Earlier this month, Jeezy announced his upcoming book “Adversity for Sale: Ya Gotta Believe.” The launch (Aug. 8) is set to coincide with the upcoming 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop in August. Pre-order the book here.


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