Kid Cudi Cancels 2023 Moon Man’s Landing Festival


Fans hoping to see Kid Cudi and Lil Uzi Vert on the 2023 Moon Man’s Landing Festival in Cleveland could also be upset by current developments. Cudi introduced the pageant has been canceled.


“Got some bad news,” wrote Kid Cudi in a typed message posted to Twitter. “I’m gonna have to cancel Moon Man’s Landing this year. I know [you] guys wanted an outdoor festival, and so did I, but the city wouldn’t approve it.”

The Cleveland, Ohio native continued, “And instead of canceling the whole thing, I decided to have it at the arena because I still wanted to bring something cool to the city, but I know [you] guys weren’t feeling it.”

Kid Cudi went on to inform his followers that he does plan to carry again the Moon Man’s Landing Festival in 2024 at an out of doors venue. However, subsequent yr’s version will probably should happen an hour outdoors of Cleveland.

A couple of minutes later, Cudi returned to Twitter with one other message. The musician/actor posted, “I will not stop until we elevate the whole experience of [coming] to Cleveland. I spent years [dealing with] mental health struggles, and now I’m in a better place to lead and be there for my city. I love y’all!!”

Justin Bibb, the 36-year-old Democratic mayor of Cleveland, supplied to assist Kid Cudi maintain Moon Man’s Landing Festival within the metropolis. Kid Cudi additionally confirmed anybody who bought tickets to this yr’s canceled occasion can obtain a full refund.






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